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We have developped a number of modular tools that can be simply implemented into the presentations to increase the interactivity and popularity of the website. These include the WebJet content management system, MagmaWeb, a complex information system for company management, and WebDM, a system for ISO-compliant documentation management.

Besides these tools we also develop custom applications meeting some specific client requirements, from simple modules to complex on-line applications. Our advantage in the custom application development is our ability to adapt the development to a number of server-side and client-side technologies (includign ASP, PHP, CGI, JSP etc.)

Amoung the most interesting recent solutions belong electronic shops on www.awactrade.com, www.baron.cz, www.kalea.cz and www.matthes.cz, on-line contests, http://soutez.cez.cz (for ČEZ, a.s.) and on-line ordering systems, e.g. www.realitnik.cz (for Alfa Finosa s.r.o. – offer of immovables, on-line demands administration and order processing), www.naposlednichvili.cz (for BohemiaArtwork s.r.o. – information portal for travel agencies to promote trips).

Here is a list of other interesting implementations.

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