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Unlike webdesign the quality of an on-line application solution (e-commerce) is hardly perceptible for a visitor. Nevertheless the visitor may feel the interactivity of the system, i.e. customization features, presence or absence of a direct contact with the website owner through a mailing list or a guest book, the possibility to order goods in the catalog etc.

On the other hand the e-commerce solution is highly relevant for the website owner. Registering a domain and presenting contact information on the website was sufficient several years ago but is absolutely insufficient today. It is recommended to provide in-depth information about the company and its products (product lists, download of directions for use), to enable ordering and delivery of goods, to support communication with other users or the same product and with the developers, or to give contact of the nearest sales point or service. In terms of an on-line application we have just described dynamic components like „news“, „press releases“, „FAQ“, „mailing list“ , „partner locator“, „on-line catalog“, „e-shop“ and „e-procurement“ etc.

In the field of e-commerce WebActive provides design and programming for B2B and B2C applications. The product line includes

design and implementation of e-shops

Includes the implementation of electronic catalog with extension modules like shopping cart, on-line payment gates, product mailing lists etc. These are implemented in B2C or B2B versions or with direct link to the existing information system of the client.

design and implementation of ordering systems

In case of B2C solutions the electronic catalog serves for the presentation of the products and services while enabling customers to submit orders. This can be extended by a B2B module to present prices to a selected group of customers. Etc.

design and implementation of intranet and extranet solutions

Solutions are provided as customized implementations, or with the utilization of existing products, e.g. MagmaWeb, WebDM or WebCM (under development).

Here are several implementation examples

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