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The company was founded in early 2001 as a Web integrator. Within the scope of our activities we offer solutions that are based on Internet and intranet technologies, especially the creation of presentations, development and administration of on-line applications and application systems, animations and Interent-based client marketing solutions.

Along with the development of other technologies and their Internet adaptation the portfolio of our products and services was extended to include animation, visualisation and multimedia, and also the implementation of Internet technologies into mobile devices.

We also provide expert consultation and analysis of newly developed as well as existing projects, webdesign services (from drafting of web content and web structure to static and animated graphic solutions), and the implementation the projects including follow-up activities (web updates).

We are very concerned about an individual approach to each client, aboutthe quality of services and maximum functionality of the products.

The company WebActive s.r.o. is a member of the Active Group that associates, besides WebActive s.r.o., the following companies: PrintActive s.r.o., Videoreport s.r.o. and Active Relations s.r.o.. This is why we are able to offer a wide portfolio of services while ensuring top quality. Among the main customers of the Active Group are: Appian Group, ČEZ a.s., Glaverbel-Czech s.r.o.. Our key partners are reputable communication agencies for which we provide technical support in the implementation of contracts.

Since 2003 we are member of the Disctrict Economic Chamber of Usti nad Labem (www.ohk-ul.cz).

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